⚽️ Manchester United Design Exclusive ⚽️

Manchester United and Stand Out are partnering this World Down Syndrome Day this 21st March 2023!

The opportunity presents spreading the awareness of Down Syndrome far and wide while celebrating WDSD with the biggest club in English football and a world-famous commercial brand.

With the reach and exposure possible with this collaboration, we could not underestimate the importance of getting the design right.

We hope you like it?

The exclusive design includes twenty pairs of the Manchester worker bee's with an extra golden copy of the 21st bee pair.

The concept represents the uniqueness of the triplication of chromosome 21 that causes Down Syndrome and also draws attention to the date of the celebration, which is the 21st day of the 3rd Month.

On a personal note, Ross and Christian are lifelong Manchester United fans, so this is a dream partnership for the brothers.

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