📢 Time to Set the Dragons Den Story Straight!

If you haven't caught our pitch yet, dive into the shorter version – a snappy 6 minutes that barely scratches the surface. Trust us, the full 20-minute episode on the show is where the magic truly unfolds! You can catch this on BBC iPlayer.
The Dragons kept us on our toes for 2 hours in the den, and although the version was amazing, we would like to add a few vital points that were edited out.
1. OUR BRAND NAME - ''Stand Out Socks'' - Although it was made to look like Peter had a problem with our brand name, this was spoken about in a conversation about retail and how our products would stand out on a supermarket shelf. We will forever be STAND OUT!!! We won't be changing.
2. WE ARE A BUSINESS - We don't receive any funding or accept donations, we rely on our customers believing in our amazing staff, products, and mission.
Steven Bartlett got this concept immediately and made an offer within the first 15 minutes after the pitch. Subsequently, Deborah Meaden removed herself from the negotiations citing we had the dragon we wanted/needed.
It was refreshing that all the dragons treated us as a Business Investment... Thank you!!
*** Since we launched 2 years ago our socks have helped raise well over £10,000 for charities and played a vital part in creating funds to help launch the Leicester Tigers Down Syndrome rugby team.
3. OUR PRODUCTS - A large segment of textile tycoon Touker Suleyman praising the quality of the socks was not used. With his 50 years of experience in the field, it was amazing to get this feedback.
Just a few points that we wanted to get out there!!
A special mention to Sara Davies MBE.... she truly is everything you see on TV, an amazing human being and an outstanding businesswoman.