From TV Screens to Business Partnerships: Our Unbelievable Journey with Peter Jones

They say never meet your heroes… Well, let’s unpick that. For more than a decade, we have admired Peter Jones from behind our TV screens. Tuning into Dragon's Den religiously every year, this self-made business tycoon, adorned with a CBE, has always been 'the guy' in our eyes.

The Surreal Encounter:

On a sunny day in June, we found ourselves standing in front of Peter on the set of Dragon's Den, pitching for investment for our business, Stand Out Socks—an online store with a social mission to create paid opportunities for people with learning disabilities. To our utter disbelief, he was in! Now, Peter Jones is not just a revered figure on our screens; he's our business partner.

Peter Jones, Steven Bartlett, Gary Neville and The Cofounders of Stand Out Socks behind the scenes of Dragons Den

Behind the Scenes: Yesterday, we had the privilege of attending Peter's offices for a meeting with him and his incredible team. We delved into discussions about Stand Out Socks, strategy, and even shared a laugh or two. Ross proudly presented Peter with our newly launched Down Syndrome awareness socks, earning genuine appreciation.

Dispelling the Dragon Myth: Now, let's cut to the chase: Is Peter the fearsome dragon we see on TV? Brace yourselves – The answer is No! Despite being one of the most recognized and successful people in business, he is down-to-earth and nothing short of inspirational. The disparity between the on-screen persona and the person behind the scenes is striking; he is grounded and friendly.

Empowered and Inspired: After our meeting at Peter's offices, we left feeling pumped, motivated, and ready to conquer the world of socks and social impact. The experience shattered any preconceived notions we had about meeting our idol – in the best possible way.

Our journey from being avid fans to business partners with Peter Jones has been nothing short of surreal. The experience has not only transformed our business trajectory but has also shattered misconceptions about the persona behind the TV screen. Peter Jones is not just a dragon; he's a mentor, a supporter, and a friend.

As we continue to make strides in the world of socks and social impact, we're grateful for the unexpected turn our path has taken, guided by the legendary Peter Jones.