How much should you spend on socks?

There are a number of factors in play when it comes to deciding How much you should spend on socks. I've searched the internet high and low to find the answer, but the reality is, it's a personal choice, you should only spend what you feel comfortable with and not a penny more!

Here are a few factors you may want to consider when deciding which socks to spend your hard-earned cash on, 

Why are they so cheap? Some brands produce a lot of them. Higher volume means factories can produce more of the same product without having to switch out materials and patterns to make different products for different brands, saving the factories time and money. Next, they use cheaper materials. In this case, that means lower-grade cotton blended with a higher percentage of synthetic materials. Lesser-quality cotton has shorter staples (essentially, a staple is a length of fiber). The shorter the staple, the weaker the fiber, the easier it is to fall apart in a weave or a knit. As for synthetics, most socks will need some kind of nylon or elastane for durability and stretch — these man-made materials are also cheaper to produce than natural fibers.

How are they made? Some brands keep sock prices low with the construction. The faster they can produce socks, the cheaper it costs them in the long run, passing the “savings” on to you. Often, a byproduct of that speed is poorly-knit fabrics that are loosely woven. They’re also less dense because they use less material, another cost-cutting tactic. And then, there’s the dreaded toe seam. Toe seams are a crucial part of the sock and really make or break a pair from the first wear. Many value-pack socks forgo seamless or hand-linked toes, instead opting to sew them shut — the result is a bulky seam you’ll feel with every step.

In the end, you’ll end up throwing away pairs of these low-cost socks just to buy another family pack because it costs less, and is easier than repairing them.

Do they support a social cause? If you are buying socks anyway you may as well look for socks that support a social cause right, feel good and look good, win-win!


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