What kind of socks is best?

The Best Socks to Keep Your Feet Comfortable.

What are the characteristics of good socks?

Smooth finish, soft, breathable and wrinkle-resistant. 

What are the characteristics of comfortable socks?

In our daily life, most of us prefer to choose “pure cotton” socks and tend to misunderstand “pure cotton” as 100% cotton. Is it really true? 

The fact is that there are no such 100% cotton socks. If you know more about the sock production, you’ll know socks of 100% cotton will completely lose elasticity and the top part of the socks (welt) will have to be woven very wide for the feet to fit in. Naturally such socks are easily to slip down. 

Other problems with 100% cotton socks are that they shrink heavily in water, worn easily, and not as durable as other materials. Cotton does not have moisture-wicking quality, it absorbs sweat quickly and can become damp when enclosed in a shoe. 

What is a 200 needle knitting machine?

For a 200 needle machine, the knitting cylinder holds 200 very thin knitting needles that are 1/50th of an inch thick. We combine the use of 200 needle knitting machines with our choice of high quality cotton yarn to create Fine Gauge socks that are not only hard-wearing, but light, bright and breathable.

Stand Out Socks Materials: 80% Cotton, 17% Nylon, 3% Spandex.