A Soapy Nostalgia: Christian and Ross's Childhood Foot Spa Adventures

From Council Foot Spas to Comfy Socks – A Journey of Foot Care

At Stand Out Socks, we've always believed in the importance of taking care of your feet. And what better way to share this philosophy than with a charming throwback to the early 90s? Feast your eyes on this adorable snapshot featuring our co-founders, Christian and Ross, as youngsters enjoying a council foot spa adventure.

An Old Photograph of 2 children sat on the kitchen worktop with their feet in a sink of soapy water

In this heart warming image, Christian and Ross sit side by side on the worktop, their feet soaking in soapy water in the sink. A true testament to their early understanding of the significance of foot care.

Fast forward to today, and the duo continues to prioritize foot comfort, now adorned in the cosiest socks on the planet – Stand Out Socks! These childhood lessons paved the way for a brand built on quality, comfort, and a touch of nostalgia.

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