About Us

Inspired by our co-founder, a young man with Down Syndrome, a man not scared to STAND OUT in a crowd, and together with the help of his big brother, Stand Out Socks was created. Guided by strong ethical values, our sock company takes pride in offering premium unisex socks that exude vibrancy, audacity, and a dash of eccentricity. Our sock designs are not only a testament to individuality but also serve as a catalyst for increasing awareness of Down Syndrome and fostering inclusivity for people with learning disabilities.

Our Story

In the journey familiar to many individuals with a learning disability, our co-founder Ross encountered challenges in securing meaningful paid employment upon leaving the education system. The year 2020 brought with it the upheaval of the Covid pandemic, placing people with Down Syndrome, like Ross, at heightened risk on the Covid-19 vulnerable list. Consequently, Ross found himself in a state of shielding from the outside world, secluded for a span of 12 months, with only his parents for companionship. This extended period of isolation took a toll on his self-assurance and self-reliance. In the year 2021, following his vaccination, Ross regained the opportunity to form a family bubble alongside his brother Christian. To re-engage with the world outside, Ross eagerly joined Christian in the family business. This collaboration sparked the idea of embarking on a business venture together. Given its symbolic significance, the choice of socks was an organic one for the inception of our company.

In the month of October 2021, aligning with the Down Syndrome Awareness Month, the curtains were raised on Stand Out Socks—a testament to the resilience and determination of these two brothers.

But Why Socks?

As individuals with Down Syndrome are born with an additional chromosome, which visually resembles a miniature sock under the microscope, it felt fitting to centre our enterprise around this metaphor.

Meet The Stand Out Team


 ''Enjoy our super smart cool colours fashion stand out socks'' 

ross, stand out socks co founder


''Stand Out encompasses more than just socks; we're committed to leading the way in promoting Down Syndrome awareness and fostering inclusivity for disabilities.''

 Christian, co founder stand out socks


''Equality in opportunity is our commitment. As Stand Out expands, our aim is to open up paid employment opportunities for people with learning disabilities''

 Natalie, Cofounder Stand Out Socks


'' I like working at Stand Out, I like being part of a team. Making sure the we are organised and making sure that people get their socks information is important. I like the donut socks and I like the Pink fluffy bunny socks', and the red devils zigzags socks.''



'' I think its a good opportunity for people to get a job. Its important to have a job as it means you can get paid. I like working at Stand Out because I like being a part of a team.''

Martha From Stand Out Socks

Christian, Martha, Ross, Oliver and Natalie

Ethical & Responsible

Situated in Warrington, UK, we maintain a worldwide supply chain built upon the highest ethical standards. Our esteemed partners hold the following accreditations;

Supply Chain Accreditations

Supply Chain Accreditations

Supply Chain AccreditationsSupply Chain AccreditationsSupply Chain Accreditations