About Us

Inspired by our co-founder, a young man with Down Syndrome, a man not scared to STAND OUT in a crowd, and together with the help of his big brother, Stand Out Socks was created. Guided by strong ethical values, our sock company takes pride in offering premium unisex socks that exude vibrancy, audacity, and a dash of eccentricity. Our sock designs are not only a testament to individuality but also serve as a catalyst for increasing awareness of Down Syndrome and fostering inclusivity for people with learning disabilities.

Our Story

In the journey familiar to many individuals with a learning disability, our co-founder Ross encountered challenges in securing meaningful paid employment upon leaving the education system. The year 2020 brought with it the upheaval of the Covid pandemic, placing people with Down Syndrome, like Ross, at heightened risk on the Covid-19 vulnerable list. Consequently, Ross found himself in a state of shielding from the outside world, secluded for a span of 12 months, with only his parents for companionship. This extended period of isolation took a toll on his self-assurance and self-reliance. In the year 2021, following his vaccination, Ross regained the opportunity to form a family bubble alongside his brother Christian. To re-engage with the world outside, Ross eagerly joined Christian in the family business. This collaboration sparked the idea of embarking on a business venture together. Given its symbolic significance, the choice of socks was an organic one for the inception of our company.

In the month of October 2021, aligning with the Down Syndrome Awareness Month, the curtains were raised on Stand Out Socks—a testament to the resilience and determination of these two brothers.

But Why Socks?

As individuals with Down Syndrome are born with an additional chromosome, which visually resembles a miniature sock under the microscope, it felt fitting to centre our enterprise around this metaphor.

Meet The Stand Out Team


 ''Enjoy our super smart cool colours fashion stand out socks'' 

This guy needs no introduction. The Man, The Legend, The Boss, It’s Ross!!
Ross is Christian’s little brother and the inspiration behind Stand Out Socks 🧦
When he’s not at Stand Out HQ, Ross has a very busy social life and you will find him on most nights on a dance floor in Warrington! 🕺
Ross has been boxing for the past 7 years, so don’t mess, he’s got a mean right hook 🥊
He loves nothing more than settling down infront of the tv to cheer on his favourite WWE superstars. Ross has a passion for music, and taught himself to read and write by writing out song lyrics.
Ross heads up the picking and packing, he trains and supervises the team and loves nothing more than a bit of networking.

ross, stand out socks co founder


''Stand Out encompasses more than just socks; we're committed to leading the way in promoting Down Syndrome awareness and fostering inclusivity for disabilities.''

Introducing Christian.
Christian is the Big brother of Ross the boss, and one of the cofounders of Stand Out Socks 🧦
In a previous life he had an exiting career in the RAF, fixing planes ✈️ He also enjoyed many years working overseas as a holiday rep & nightclub manager.
Christian looks after the operational side of the business and enjoys the limelight alongside his brother Ross.
When he’s not at Stand Out HQ, he fills the role of daddy to his 6 year old daughter. He has a love for travel, football and curry 🍛

 Christian, co founder stand out socks


''Equality in opportunity is our commitment. As Stand Out expands, our aim is to open up paid employment opportunities for people with learning disabilities''

Now it’s time to introduce Natalie, Aka Ripples!
Natalie is Ross’s Sister in law, she has been engaged to Christian for a record breaking 12 years and is the third cofounder of Stand Out Socks 🧦
Natalie left home at 16 and booked a one way ticket to Greece. She has spend many years working overseas in tourist resorts and had a variety of jobs including henna tattooist, PR, Ticket Seller, holiday rep, Bar Tender and even had a job looking after an exotic collection of reptiles and amphibians 🐸
Natalie loves family, travel, sci fi and animals, so much so that she has been vegan for 6 years 🐰She loves nothing more than to engage in a conversation about veganism….. even if no one is listening 😂
Natalie looks after everything that the boys don’t, which is quite a lot. From our website to finance, this lady is a Jack of all trades!
When she’s not at Stand Out HQ telling the boys off, she fills the role of Mummy to her 6 year old daughter and a 40 year old grown man, christian 😂

 Natalie, Cofounder Stand Out Socks


'' I like working at Stand Out, I like being part of a team. Making sure the we are organised and making sure that people get their socks information is important. I like the donut socks and I like the Pink fluffy bunny socks', and the red devils zigzags socks.''

We are thrilled to introduce you to the incredible Oliver, a shining star in our STAND OUT crew!
Since joining in our operations team in October 2023, Oliver has left an indelible mark, and we couldn’t be more proud to have him on board.
Oliver has an amazing work ethic, holding down several jobs while balancing his love for rugby, football, and the stage where he acts, dances, and sings.
Oliver’s love for all things Rugby League goes beyond the field—he proudly served as an ambassador for the Rugby League World Cup in 2021, showcasing his dedication to the sport and community.
We had the pleasure of witnessing Oliver’s dance floor prowess at our STAND OUT Christmas Doo in December. He was the first to hit the dance floor, effortlessly busting some impressive moves and setting the tone for an unforgettable celebration.
Oliver’s idol is none other than Gary Barlow. Who knows, maybe Gazza will take him up on the invitation to join us for a shift? We’d certainly welcome the opportunity for a surprise visit from the legendary Gary Barlow!




'' I think its a good opportunity for people to get a job. Its important to have a job as it means you can get paid. I like working at Stand Out because I like being a part of a team.''

Last but certainly not least, its time for you to meet the incredible Martha.
In her spare time, Martha enjoys the simple pleasures of life, whether it's spending time with friends, cooking up a storm, cycling through scenic routes, or taking a leisurely stroll with her adorable dog, Indie. What truly lights up Martha's world is the love of family, the camaraderie of friends, and the sense of community she finds at church.
A music enthusiast at heart, Martha can't get enough of Abba and the Spice Girls. She dreams of bumping into Emma Bunton , and just picture Martha as a Spice Girl – she'd totally rock the title of "Stand Out Spice"! Who knows, maybe Emma will swing by for a work shift? We're totally up for a fun surprise visit from the fabulous Emma Bunton! 🎤
Since joining our operations team in October, Martha has brought an abundance of joy, hard work, and laughter to our workspace. Martha's dedication to her work is truly commendable. As a valued member of our team, she takes pride in her work, and her attention to detail is reflected in every package she handles.
Martha keeps the atmosphere lively and entertaining with her infectious sense of humour and banter, ensuring that the boys are kept on their toes. We are grateful to have Martha as an integral part of our Stand Out Socks family!

Martha From Stand Out Socks


Introducing Mark, our dynamic addition to the team who embarked on his journey with us in January. As a valuable member of our operations team, Mark is responsible for efficiently picking and packing sock orders. His remarkable work ethic, coupled with a keen focus and precision, has made a significant impact since day one. Notably, this marks Mark's inaugural paid job role, and he is excelling in every aspect.

Outside of his professional achievements, Mark leads a diverse and active lifestyle. His leisure pursuits include walking, swimming, engaging in woodwork, fixing bikes, and immersing himself in the world of music. Mark's talents extend beyond the workplace; he is a proud member of a dance group and a competitive swimmer, showcasing his passion for diverse interests.

In his downtime, Mark finds solace in the company of loved ones. His favourite hangout spot is his grandad's house on Friday afternoons, creating cherished memories. Mark values quality time spent with his mum, auntie, and enjoys socializing at the pub. And just like Jodie, Mark dreams of meeting the iconic duo Ant and Dec, adding an extra layer of fun to his vibrant personality.


Oliver, Christian. Mark, Natalie, Jodie, Martha and Ross

7 people with orange hoodies holding socks and smiling

Christian, Martha, Ross, Oliver and Natalie


Ethical & Responsible

Situated in Warrington, UK, we maintain a worldwide supply chain built upon the highest ethical standards. Our esteemed partners hold the following accreditations;

Supply Chain Accreditations

Supply Chain Accreditations

Supply Chain AccreditationsSupply Chain AccreditationsSupply Chain Accreditations