About Us

About Us

Inspired by our co-founder Ross, a young man with Down Syndrome, a man not scared to stand out in a crowd, and together with the help of his big brother Christian, Stand Out Socks was created.

Our mission is clear... Raise social awareness, Give back and make people smile with our incredibly bold socks.

Our Story

Creating a range of Socks was a idea that was floating around for a while.
Every 21st March, World Down syndrome day, our family would rock a pair of the brightest, boldest socks we could get our hands on. This would instantly put a spring in our step throughout the day, safe in the knowledge that we were raising awareness, giving our little bit to charity and obviously looking downright fantastic in our choice of foot garments.

But why just do this for one day? Why feel this good whilst raising awareness and helping others for one day, when you could do it for the other 364 days of the year! 

Like many people with varied & unique abilities, Ross has struggled to find any sort of work. Using the idea of socks, we decided to create a company where Ross would not only have a job, but be the most integral part of the business. 

Meet the Stand Out Team

ross, from stand out socks

The Sockfather, aka Ross Laing. 

 ''Enjoy our super smart cool colours fashion standout socks'' 

christian, stand out socks
The Wolf of Wool Street aka Christian Laing.

 '' There is more to Stand Out than socks, we are striving to be at the forefront of Down Syndrome awareness and disability inclusion''

Natalie, Stand Out Socks

The Socktopus, aka Natalie Dickson.

 ''' Everyone deserves an opportunity, we hope that Stand Out will grow and become a platform for people with varied abilities taking their first steps into employment''