How do I buy good quality socks?

Socks are stuck between sweaty feet and tight shoes all day long. They are constantly chafed and pulled as we walk and then thrown in the washing machine, washed in (often too) hot water and, despite what the care instructions say, chucked in the tumble dryer. The whole process then starts again like a savage ritual! So how can we still ensure high-quality socks?



The length of the fibres in the processed yarn is important for high quality.


A strong yarn must be woven as tightly as possible in order to achieve maximum durability and quality.

Socks undergo much greater stress in the heel and toe area than in the rest of the sock, so thicker yarns are used here or the yarn is worked multiple times during the knitting process.

The Right Sizes

Quality also means being able to find the right sizes. Our socks are therefore available in shoe sizes 3 - 12, ensuring perfect sock quality even for larger feet.


As socks lie directly against the skin and this can absorb chemical substances, it is important that chemically harmless dyes are used.

For maximum quality, our products hold Oeko-Tex 100 certification, meaning that they are colored with dyes that are completely skin-friendly.

Consistent Performance

Our customers are impressed by the quality of our socks – time and again. With Ross’s Sock Club, you receive three pairs in the post direct to your door at regular intervals.

Leave your sock sorrows behind and focus on the important things in life. 

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