Ross’s upcoming debut on Lymm Radio

Like everyone whose reading this, Stand out’s co-founder Ross has dreams, aspirations, and a bucket list.

Stand out is not only a chance to create a job for Ross, but it is also a platform for him to fulfill his dreams.

Everyones support has been invaluable to create such platform and yesterday Ross got to tick a dream, of his bucket list.

We want to say a big thank you to Lymm Radio, especially presenter Danny Nichols for letting Ross take over the studio for a Stand out hour.

Not only did you let Ross play his eclectic choice of music, but you also gave us the chance to talk everything Stand out.

This will truly be a day Ross will never forget!

Please catch the show from 3-5 on Saturday 23rd October.

Follow the link:

Ross and Christian are so grateful for everytime you share, comment and like our posts. This helps promote Stand out and gives us exposure to a build a wider Stand out community. This way we reach the people that can make dreams a reality.

Next on Ross's bucket list is appearing as a extra, on his favorite T.V show Hollyoaks.

What do you think Stand out family, can we make this happen??!!!