Collaboration with Positive About Down Syndrome (PADS)

When we first started the company in October 2021, we never could’ve dreamed of the impact that Stand Out would have within the Down Syndrome Community. 

We’re super proud of our small company, with its big message!

Over the past 11 months, we’ve been lucky enough to meet and work with some incredible people. We’ve experimented, taken risks, celebrated successes and made some questionable mistakes along the way. 

As our community has grown, our network has extended which leads us to today, and this exciting news!

A few months ago we were approached by a lovely lady called Nicola, from a charity called Positive About Down Syndrome (PADS). Nicola runs the charity and her son also has Down Syndrome. Nicola had discovered us through our social media channels. 

Fast-forward to today, Stand Out has built a strong working relationship with Nicola and PADS, so much so that we are happy to announce our first-ever collaboration! 

Together, we’re proud to showcase our newest designs, The Positive About Down Syndrome socks. 

These socks will be available to purchase on our website from 7th September 2022! We decided to launch the socks just before Down Syndrome Awareness Month in October, so our customers can have the socks arrive in time to rock them throughout October..... and beyond!


Stand out socks in collaboration with positive about Down syndrome

 stand out socks collaboration with positive about down syndrome