Stand Out Socks to Take the Stage on the 21st Series of Dragons' Den


Stand Out Socks is delighted to announce its upcoming appearance, stepping into the limelight on the highly anticipated premiere episode of the widely acclaimed entrepreneurial show Dragons’ Den. The episode is scheduled to air on 4th January, marking the launch of the 21st series.

In a historic breakthrough for diversity and inclusion, Ross, is on the brink of making history as the first co-founder with Down syndrome to showcase his venture before the esteemed panel of Dragons on the renowned entrepreneurial platform.

This exceptional milestone underscores the ongoing efforts to cultivate a more inclusive business landscape. Ross's forthcoming pitch not only stands as a testament to his entrepreneurial acumen but also serves as a guiding light for individuals with diverse abilities who are determined to overcome barriers within the entrepreneurial realm.

Stand Out Socks feels honoured to be showcased on the 21st series. The significance of the number 21 holds a special connection to Stand Out Socks, mirroring the extra copy of the 21st chromosome, which leads to the creation of Down Syndrome.

Ross's older brother and fellow Co-Founder, Christian, reflects, "It feels like fate. To air on the 21st series is a poignant reminder that every step we take in the Den is not just a business move but a stride toward breaking barriers and challenging perceptions."

Joining the brothers in the Den is Christian’s partner and third co-founder, Natalie, who shares, "We are excited to share our story. Our pitch goes beyond the socks; it's a Stand for inclusion, equal opportunities, and a showcase of the potential within every individual."

While the outcome remains undisclosed, the journey of Stand Out Socks in The Den is sure to leave a lasting impression on audiences. Tune into BBC One and BBC iPlayer at 8 pm on 4th January 2024 to witness the excitement unfold.