Why do people wear socks for Down syndrome?

Down syndrome occurs across the human spectrum and is the most common chromosomal condition. Each year, about 6,000 babies are born with Down syndrome — a 1 in 700 chance

History of Down Syndrome Awareness Day

Down Syndrome Awareness Month is all about helping people understand what Down Syndrome is and how people with Down Syndrome experience the world. This month celebration is about teaching people that perceive Down Syndrome as a disability that it is not what defines them as people. Since the late 90’s, people have been spreading advocacy, awareness and inclusion through events all over the world. Because Down Syndrome is one of the most common disabilities, many who don’t know what it is like only see them for what disability they have. With this holiday, it is about changing that for the better.

There are lots of ways that you can get involved in Down’s Syndrome Awareness Month 2022 and join us in celebrating people with Down’s syndrome.

Why wear Stand Out Socks for World Down syndrome day?

Wear Stand Out Socks socks for World Down Syndrome Day to help raise awareness of Down Syndrome. When people ask you about the socks, you can tell them about down syndrome.

Our co founder Ross, Who has Down Syndrome believes that Down Syndrome and other disabilities should be celebrated all year round, not just for one day! Our Stand Out socks are designed to make you Stand Out in a crowd and start conversations.

The future for Stand Out is to give opportunities to more people with Down Syndrome and other learning disabilities.

We can achieve our dream with your support. When you’re looking for your socks to support World Down syndrome day then look no further than Stand Out Socks, and help Ross spread the word of disability inclusion!
Your family could wear stand out socks at home or your school, nursery, online dance class, or work colleagues could pull on a pair for a video call and Take a Step Forward with us on the path to a better future for people with Down’s syndrome.