Why fit in?? When you were born to stand out!!

Call it premature, but we are already on the countdown to October!!

We are currently working on a campaign for this year’s Down Syndrome Awareness Month in October 2022.

Our campaign, "why fit in? When you were born to stand out!" will help to raise awareness of Down Syndrome in a positive and fun way. We will promote the wearing of matching socks, rather than the traditional odd socks,  as there is nothing "odd" about Down syndrome! 

We have already secured the support of some amazingly influential people,  to help spread the campaign to a wider network.

We cant believe how far our little sock company has come in just 10 months! As well as October being Down Syndrome Awareness month, its also our 1 year anniversary!!  Stand Out is privileged to be able to help raise much-needed awareness and support for people with Down Syndrome. 

To allow us to spread our message of inclusion to a wider network, we are calling on everyone to get on board with our amazing campaign. Details to follow soon!

Ross & Christian :)